Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

With todays ever increasing work loads and demands OH&S can often be classified as "shes right mate - all looks good. No longer are we able to have the working adage out of sight out of mind. Consequences can be enormous if our working environment is classified as unsafe. Any thing from leaving a handbag on the ground, leaving one person in store with out the ability to access amenities, the colour of your walls to the lighting that is either too bright or not bright enough. These tiny things may build up and cause implications within your business structure.

During 2012 ISBEC is offering Accredited OH&S Training courses to ensure you and your business is adhering to National Guidelines set by the Federal and State Governments.

Even if your business is a sole proprietor or a home business it is necessary to apply to regulations. Register your name today and get ready for tomorrows future.

Services provided by ISBEC are partially funded by the Australian Federal Government.
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