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Business Advisory

ISBEC is helping small business

Do you want to be in the same position in the 12 months time or are you ready to take action?

You’re here because you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug or, maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and got a business started. You’re not alone. There are almost 2 million active small businesses in Australia today yet not all will see it through to their second birthday.

Many are struggling to make ends meet and find it extremely difficult to get sales in through the door, even tougher to make any sort of income let alone a decent profit. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re facing any of these challenges...

  • You have a passion for your business but feel isolated running it on your own
  • You absolutely need more clients, more sales, better results
  • You feel your business just isn’t growing fast enough but you’re not sure what you should do to change things around.
  • You are having to do everything yourself and there is never enough time

....then ISBEC with their highly experienced consultants are here to mentor you, your team and your business.

You want to get some answers and solutions that will deliver profitable results. At ISBEC we help businesses just like yours. We offer tools to help to get your business to where you want it to be.

We give you the exact level of practical support, strategic guidance and marketing input that you need whether you are just starting out or striving to get your business to a different level. We can work with you on a one off basis or are happy to take things step by step – you choose what suits your needs best.

The services our Business Advisors provide are free or low cost assistance to individuals starting a new business or to existing businesses in a confidential and practical manner. Our client assistance includes the preparation of business and marketing plans, financial budgeting, product costing and other forward planning matters.

ISBEC will also provide licensing information to new business starters and businesses that are considering changes to their current business operations.

A feature of the service is the facilitation and encouragement of a variety of networking opportunities that refer small businesses to relevant workshops and seminars and provide a linkage to local services and organizations involved in business and economic development.

See us for:

  • Free One-on-One Advisory Services
  • Assistance with Funding / Grant Applications
  • Referrals to other Professionals
  • Business Advisory Resources & Reference Materials
  • Business Planning
  • Contractors Licenses & Renewals
  • Business Name Registrations
  • Annual Returns for Associations lodged

To arrange a FREE Consultation, call ISBEC on (08) 8351-0227 or complete the form found here.

Services provided by ISBEC are partially funded by the Australian Federal Government.
Call Inner Southern BEC on (08) 8351 0227
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