ISBEC offers a range of networking opportunitiesMake connections, build your profile and expand your reach.

Who do you know and who knows you? Where do you find them? Right here at ISBEC!

Our diverse community is full of great contacts who are potential business partners, prospects, clients, suppliers and friends and you can connect to them right here.

Business networking is an important skill if you want to build your business, influence others to take action and to expand your horizons. Business networking doesn't come easy to everyone - that's why we like to facilitate the networking for you - helping you raise your profile, expand your network and meet other great business people.

ISBEC provides essential connections and promotes you to others in our community through its many marketing channels.

Networking TIP:

Right now, when so many people are experiencing hurdles in business they’ve never had to face (and even for those that are sailing smooth), who knows you is more important than who you know. We encourage you to stay connected with those that matter, join groups of like-minded people with whom you can share ideas and resources, and be network-worthy i.e. rather then seeing what is in every situation for you - see how you can contribute to the wider community.

Services provided by ISBEC are partially funded by the Australian Federal Government.
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